We will close our site on October 31, 2020. All contents you have saved on our site will be deleted. Streaming videos can not be moved anywhere. If you have your own downloadable contents on ClounHome, please save them to other services or your local environment.

What is CloudHome?

Our Service!

CloudHome 無料オンラインストレージ

Saving. Waching. Listning. In anywhere anytime!! Its free cloud storage service

What can you do in CloudHome

Easy to use

  • Save large size of movie
  • Streaming saved movie
  • Edit movie!
  • Save your picture
  • Create album
CloudHome 無料オンラインストレージ 機能のご案内

Speccial for Members

Convinience usage

  • CloudHome 無料オンラインストレージ 便利


    For person who just have enough storage on own pc
  • CloudHome 無料オンラインストレージ どこからでもアクセス可能

    Access from anywhere!

    Accessable from your tablet, smartphone

CloudHom Super Convinient!!

7 reasons!

CloudHome 無料オンラインストレージ 7つの理由!

CloudHome News!

Mobile App

  • 5/2014 専用アプリ登場
  • 9/12/2013 一般リリース
  • 8/27/2013 プレイリスト機能リリース
  • 7/08/2013 ファイル名編集機能リリース
  • 7/02/2013 検索リリース
  • 6/13/2013 アップロード機能リリース
  • 6/13/2013 タグ機能リリース
  • 6/13/2013 フォルダー機能リリース
  • 3/18/2013 ベータ版リリース
CloudHome 無料オンラインストレージ 使い方

CloudHome Service

Cloud Subscribe Plans

CloudHome we have been providing services around the media as a free online storage cloud. Currently we have been guidance plan will next be 4 bracts, including the free plan. Upload precious memories by shooting in the smartphone, as it is to the online storage! Such person to the I recommend 100GB plan. Music I love, you is that movie love, save videos of 2GB 250 this, or 500GB would you like that can also about 250,000 songs if music files? Also for private as well for your work, videos, music, and is a 1TB plan of not worry absolutely if you save all three file types of the capacity of the photos without worrying. For now, those who are wanting to try, please register from free 5GB plan! Here

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