CloudHome FAQ

Q: Do free capacity of 5GB is provided free forever?

A: Yes. It will continue to be provided for free. However, if no attempt to log in for more than 180 days, your account may disabledeted by cloudhome.

Q: Is there limit for uplaod file size?

A: Yes. It can be uploaded file can be up to 200MB.

Q: Can I increase strage limit?

A: Yes. Premium plan offers more storage capacity.

Q: How much for the premium service?

It offers three monthly fee plan in CloudHome. 1) 100GB - $ 9.99 / month 2) 500GB - $ 44.99 / month 3) 1TB - $ 89.99 / month these are plans can be more than one purchase according to your use of the content / applications.

Q: What is the payment method for premium service?

A: What is the payment method for premium service?

Q: How long service is available after the cancellation?

A: Even after termination, until expiration all services are available in the street until it.

Q: How to cancel premium service?

A: Premium Cancelcan be done from Account. For more detail for cancel please contact from Contact form

Q: What happen to the saved file after premium cancellation?

A: If premium service is cancelled or downgraded to free 5GB service、then access will be limited to the saved files. Limitation apply from latest. The file will not be deleted but not able to access and after upgrade to premium then it will increase limitation access

Q: Is CloudHome safe?

A: CloudHome uses S3 storage service from Amazon and file is saved by AES-256bit encryption. Also SSL is used for file transfer.

Q: Use on tablet, smartphone?

A: CloudHome can be used on iPhone、iPad、android, android tablet.